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Buy materials DubaiSands gulf building materials, UAE, is a company in Dubai that strives to make building and its maintenance easy for you. Commercially or residentially, we provide you products and services that are high quality and perfect for satisfying your needs. Our aim is to provide a smile to you and we get the satisfaction of ensuring that we have given you perfect service in return. Not only do we ensure that you are happy with our products and services, we also make sure to counsel you in different areas of services so that you can have a professional hand on you and you know what is going on around and how you should manage the maintenance if you do not know about it.

Our offered products and services are at competitive prices and are there to ensure that your building needs are fulfilled with just dealing with us. Once you deal with us, we are sure that you wouldn't want to deal with anyone. And we are extremely sure of this is why we encourage you to check the market and then come back to us.We also work with general maintenance company Dubai namely Awal Experts.

Products offered by us!

The products offered by us are the best around the whole UAE. You can check them yourself. They are at competitive market prices and they work to fulfill all your building needs. Our products come with instructions and other important manuals. We are also there to guide you on our phone of email around the clock.  The following are few of the products that we offer:

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